Notes about Online Resumes

The resumes that you will find online here are plain text resumes that, in most cases, have been formatted by the owner. In many cases the members have updated them frequently. In others, they have not been updated in a long time. When faced with a conflict between the contact information in an online resume and the contact information on the Hot Sheet, it is normally safe to assume that the Hot Sheet information is current.

Because the resumes are plain text, your web browser may or may not display it correctly. The best way to view one of these resumes is to save it to disk as a text file and then load it into a word processor. (Normally, it is easy to save the resumes using the "SAVE AS" option on the FILE menu of your browser.) Set the font to Courier 12 point and the margins between 1/2 and 1 inches on each side. This is the best way to handle resumes where a paragraph is one long line. The word processor will wrap the line to fit into the defined margins. If you find that the text runs way over the page boundaries, then decrease the font size. This is normally an indication that our member had used a small font in the original document and didn't adjust the margins after saving it as a text file.

Finally, please don't submit a resume without first contacting the ContractJobHunter member whose Hot Sheet listing you accessed. Making the contact first will allow our member the opportunity to update you with his or her latest experience and save many headaches should the person be unavailable for some reason.

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